The situation of kids in Palestine…

I am Palestiniann kid and i promised my friends to play with them next day!!
I was dreaming of a ball an a doll to play with!!
I was waiting to kiss my mother and father in the morning!!
I was laughing and enjoying my dream!!
Suddenly it was interrupted by a bomb sound!! Why can’t i move!!
Where is my family!! Where are my lovely brothers and sister!! I’m crying are they hearing my cry!! Mother!! Father!! Where are they?!!
Why are they not responding!!
who are those??!! why are they holding me up like this?!
Where am I going!! Leave me i want to continue my dream!!
I want to play again!! Why i can’t move!!
What’s the matter!! Just now I realized that i’m not alive :((
Now I’m a martyr!! My dreams were vanished !!
This is what Israel did to me !! Was i carrying weapons !! I was just dreaming :((
Is my dream a crime??
I’m a victim of zionism…


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