For the Zionist state all Palestinian children are potential “terrorists”

Dear Isra”HELL”,

The big lie is the existance of a land called israel 🙂 so admit it there’s no israel,the history ,the humanity and the whole world know this reality: PALESTINE is here ,it’s our land and it’s a Part of our Islamic Khilafat it will return to us and we will destroy you as soon as possible.we respect all religions but not zionism and of course not your israel,The Muslim faith is very correct,we never attack first. We don’t attack ordinary people, no matter if they are Jew or Communists. Our religion forbids it. We only strike when somebody strikes us and our faith. The we fight to the end. Whether we win or not,whether we are armed or defenceless,even if they kill us all. It doesn’t matter what happens, because we know one thing; Allah says in the Quran that each Muslim must fight against the armies of unfaithful. No matter who they are;Russians, Europeans or Americans.Wherever have been attacked first that is what really counts and we “MUSLIMS” are so humans but which steals our land has to pay.

If Every Muslim to throw a bucket of water at the Israeli entity, it would sink.


Occupation Arrests Palestinian Minors in the West Bank Governarates

On Tuesday 28th August, “Israeli” occupation forces raided Beit Ummar village in Hebron (West Bank), and arrested the 14 years old Muhannad Murshed Awad.

It’s worth mentioning that Muhannad was first arrested in May 2012 for one month, and was subjected to SEVERE BEATINGS during interrogation and then released in June.

“Israeli” occupation forces forced Muhannad’s family members to go out of the house before arresting the boy.

“Israeli” forces also arrested 17 years old Mohammad Hassan Mahmoud al-Tet from the same village; raising the number of Palestinians who were arrested from Beit Ummar to FOURTEEN 14 since the beginning of August, including EIGHT minors.

“Israeli” army forces accompanied by “Israeli” special units (Arabists) also broke into Bethlehem city and arrested Hamdi and Muntaser al-Atrash (21, 19 respectively) from Daheisha refugee camp.

Human Rights?… Seriously???

Children Protection?!

Where is the U.N.?

When you see a Palestinian throwing a stone, then he’s/she’s a TERRORIST… The news of the day!

But such upper news is not shown on TV…

Or maybe you’ll see it in the small red line on TV which moves so fast for your lazy comforted eyes to follow and READ!

You may catch “Palestinian”… and “Arrested”…

Some may think that they got it all right…

You know…. “Palestinian”… “Arrested”…

Then a Palestinian terrorist got arrested for doing something wrong against innocent settlers or democratic “Israel”…

We are living in a world …

That much pain… makes you laugh…

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The Only #APARTHEID in the WORLD !!!

VIDEO | Please Watch & Share widely: On the receiving end of Israeli ‘impunity’
Looking back at other victims who, like Rachel Corrie, came under Israeli attack and then were deprived of justice.


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