Facts about 9/11 September + Pictures


What the witnesses says and the people’s ideas about 9/11!!!

–  Its not a conspiracy that WTC 7 collapsed, hours after the other buildings for no apparent reason at all and in the same manner that the others fell, this is factual and I’m surprised that only 5% of Americans know this. Whilst you may be tired of ‘all the conspiracy crap’ its comforting to know that your fellow country men and women keep pushing for the truth of what happened that day, and the person or persons responsible for this attack are not dead, that is not a conspiracy either it is tragically true.

– This is just one huge cop out. People say conspiracy and that’s that. They also us the dead as a cop out of what truly happen that day. I personally saw a 47 story building fall to the ground for no logical reason. And yes, it is a fact that 3,000 people died that day and the truth should never suffer. Those families deserve to know what really happen instead of a slap together panel who admit that it was meant to harness the complete truth.

–  Pull your head out of the sand! and unplug your brain from the TV !!

– There are obvious sounds of explosives. The still was so durable, no fire could have bring the buildings down in free fall, especially knowing that not entire structure was engulfed in the fire. Only One hour of burning of such monstrous in size buildings and they fall down with such precision? Very fishy.

– 28 minutes before the collapse it was reported. The other buildings had nothing to do with the other collapse whatsoever.

– Aparently landing a block away after going through the building, through what is supposed to be a hot enough fire to melt an entire plane and building and was found completely in tact…complete with a file and research package on who the rest of the box cutter guys were!

– Theres that “Flash” just before the “plane” appears to …um….dissolve? into the building. What is this very small flash which can in no way explain an impact collision in any way shape or form?

– Building 7 is all you have to say. Even a child with down syndrom and autism can recognize something doesnt add up.

–  Thats exactly what was done – controlled demolitions of all 3 towers 😦

– There is also footage of the nose of the plane popping out the other side of the building, which is impossible except for CGI.

–  ‎7 was the icing on the cake. Those guys were so amazing they didn’t even need a third plane to knock that one down, like magic it just fell right down in its own footprint because of the extreme heat of those fires.

– I say video fakery and no real witnesses seeing a plane go into a building, just a lot of fake witnesses.

– Like a knife through melted butter. She sinks into that steel frame like its not even there. Not even piece of fuselage hits the ground Man those boxcutter guys were good, but not so good, they dropped a passport.

1st of All the CIA along with Arab leaders and ISI of Pakistan, they terrored Ahmed Shah Massoud, @ 09 September 2001,

By 2 arab terrorists. it was just before he warned the Bush For AL-Qaeda (a controlled group by US) Treats to the US and Europe.

when he was death, then the 11th of September happened, and they found a reason which they had already planned to Enter Afghanistan.


Ahmad Shah Massoud Warns America’s president which changed to reality!

The assassination of Commander Massoud is considered to have a strong connection to the September 11 attacks in 2001 on U.S. soil which killed nearly 3,000 people and w
hich appeared to be the terrorist attack that Massoud had warned against in his speech to the European Parliament several months earlier.

In reference to Pakistan: I am sure that if there is no interference by Pakistan and his soldiers/Ta

liban and atrocities by Osama bin Laden on behalf of Pakistan, Pakistan not with standing, there’s no need to have strength to us. Our people, he even put an end to the Taliban, people of Afghanistan is quite capable of defeating the Taliban by their own.

My message is to Bush is this: If peace is not restored in Afghanistan if it does not help the Afghan people, it is certain that the problem of Afghanistan will also affect the United States and many other country.

In spring 2001, Ahmad Shah Massoud addressed the European Parliament in Brussels stating that behind the situation in Afghanistan there was the regime in Pakistan.He also stated his conviction that without the support of Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden and Saudi Arabia, the Taliban would not be able to sustain their military campaign for up to a year, also because the Afghan population was ready to rise against them. Addressing the United States specifically he issued the warning that should the U.S. not work for peace in Afghanistan and put pressure on Pakistan to cease their support to the Taliban, the problems of Afghanistan would soon become the problems of the U.S. and the world.

the plan was so big and from long time ago,…wake up plz!!



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