What is #Zionism? Where did it come from? What is it for? Why is it bad?

Zionism and the totally FALSE STATE OF ISRAEL is a DIABOLICAL joke… NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to do with the Bible, Torah, Talmud, any scripture, and in fact they all warn against this totally ‘false jew’ movement. All true Jewish people know this and are fighting for truth, but are totally shut out by their absolute control of every fiber of world media.

WE MUST START WAKING UP HERE!!.. The whole false movement and their rancid totally false state corruptly and wrongly called “Israel” is nothing more than Global Banking “elites” schemes to keep creating wars and divisions, and once and for all rid the earth (within their Golbal Governace objectives) of ALL true Jewish people.

The actual controllers of this false state called “Israel” are the EXACT same FED Global banking controllers and creators of the Holocaust…


Theodore Herzl the founder of this IDIOT false and rancid “Zionist movement” was a total G-dless shill for the Global banking families, all in the lying guise of saving the Jewish people, while committing horrific acts in their name, as they commit horrific acts all over the world in the name of Americans today.. WE MUST FIGURE OUT A WAY TO COME OUT OF THIS COMATOSE STATE OF MASS IGNORANCE!

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