Israeli soldiers shot a child in the body of the mother’s womb ! ! ! !

The photo will move the world ! ! !
Israeli soldiers shot a child in the body of the mother’s womb ! ! ! !



AIPAC defeated, Lay down and DIE!

Today, despite all the smears, hysterical rhetoric and obstruction tactics of Senate Republicans tied to the Likud Lobby, Chuck Hagel was confirmed as our next Secretary of Defense!

We’re happy because we think Secretary Hagel will support some of the policy goals we support, like ending the war in Afghanistan, preventing war and supporting real diplomacy with Iran, and making reasonable cuts to the Pentagon budget that will lessen pressure for cuts to domestic programs that Americans need.

But let’s be honest. We’re also happy because we helped to defeat the Likud Lobby. We know that getting a diplomatic deal with Iran and ending effective U.S. support for the Israeli government’s current policies towards the Palestinians is going to require defeating the Lobby, so defeating them today set an important precedent. Thank you for all you did to make this happen!

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The Greatest Mass Rape in History


One of this century’s greatest crimes, and probably one of the greatest crimes against women in history, was the mass rape of the conquered women of Europe after the Judeo-Communist victory there in 1945.

The rapists were mainly Red Army soldiers, some of them non-White troops from the Far East and Central Asian Republics of the Soviet Union.

But I am sorry to say that many of the rapists were men of our own race, and some were Americans.

They were brutes no doubt, but they were permitted and encouraged to indulge their lower than bestial urges by official “Allied” policies which incited hatred particularly against the Germans, but also against those of other European nationalities which were then allied with Germany in an anti-Communist bloc.

One cannot contemplate this great mass orgy of rape, gang rape, and sexual slavery of innocent women and little girls without revulsion. It would be easy for you to toss this newsletter aside and pickup more pleasant or amusing reading.

But if you want to know the truth about one of the darkest secrets of our present establishment, a horrible crime against women about which the Politically Correct feminists are strangely silent, then I urge you to read on.
I claim no originality for the documentation or recounting of this ghastly crime perpetrated mainly by what Franklin Roosevelt called “our noble Soviet ally.” We are indebted to Dr. Austin J. App, a professor and scholar of English literature at Catholic University, the University of Scranton, and LaSalle College, among others, who risked career and livelihood to bring these truths to light. In April, 1946, when he published the work upon which this article is based, entitled Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe, he was a lone voice crying out for justice in an America still high on war propaganda and on a “victory” that in the later Cold War years and after would be seen clearly as a defeat for America and the West as much as it was for Germany. Continue reading

Israeli occupation forces arrested a Palestinian man…

404963_408946442529516_1567000747_nIsraeli occupation forces arrested at dawn on Tuesday, 12 Feb, five citizens of the city of Tulkarem after raiding their homes.
A large Israeli military force including foot and mounted patrols accompanied with dogs, stormed detainees houses, after destroying its external doors, destroyed houses contents, and arrested each of: Rafat Nasif, a Hamas leader, and Qatada Ammar al-Badawi (22 years) son of Tulkarem province Mufti, and Abdullah Ismail Khalil (20 years), Musab al-Ashqar (21) of Attil, north of Tulkarm, and Ammar al-Jihad Amir (27 years).

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‘US military kills its own soldiers’


The United States military not only causes death and destruction in foreign countries, it “literally kills its own combatant men and women” through its inefficient health care policies, says Stephen Lendman, American writer, radio host and columnist at Veterans Today.

Harshly criticizing U.S. military policies, Lendman said Wednesday in an interview that the military’s “mission is to kill and destroy and it kills and destroys its own [troops].”

He added that the military recruits Americans “with false promises that in most cases are never delivered. Promises about free education and free health care and all kinds of other things and few veterans ever get any or much of any of these benefits when they come out, if they do come out.”

Every day about 22 veterans in the United States kill themselves, a rate that is about 20 percent higher than the Department of Veterans Affairs’ 2007 estimate, according to a two-year study by a VA researcher.

The VA study indicates that more than two-thirds of the veterans who commit suicide are 50 or older, suggesting that the increase in veterans’ suicides is not primarily driven by those returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lendman said the shocking suicide rate among veterans is seldom talked about. “They kill themselves on a daily basis.”