AIPAC defeated, Lay down and DIE!

Today, despite all the smears, hysterical rhetoric and obstruction tactics of Senate Republicans tied to the Likud Lobby, Chuck Hagel was confirmed as our next Secretary of Defense!

We’re happy because we think Secretary Hagel will support some of the policy goals we support, like ending the war in Afghanistan, preventing war and supporting real diplomacy with Iran, and making reasonable cuts to the Pentagon budget that will lessen pressure for cuts to domestic programs that Americans need.

But let’s be honest. We’re also happy because we helped to defeat the Likud Lobby. We know that getting a diplomatic deal with Iran and ending effective U.S. support for the Israeli government’s current policies towards the Palestinians is going to require defeating the Lobby, so defeating them today set an important precedent. Thank you for all you did to make this happen!

Help keep up the fight to defeat the Likud Lobby in Washington: make a contribution to Just Foreign Policy today! We’re funded by members like you. And because we have a small staff and minimal overhead, you know that your donation will go a long way.


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