An Urgent Message to All Americans who are Aware of Illegal and Unconstitutional Government Activity

Senate Holds Hearing On Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

An Urgent Appeal to All American to come forward and report on Criminal and Unconstitutional Activity with our U.S. Government was just delivered online. The purpose of the YouTube message from YouTube channel user roypotterqa is to encourage All Americans to stop protecting activity that is underway within the government that is plainly Unconstitutional. The YouTube channel is not too widely known, but enjoys a growing audience due to his past involvement within the government and military – and insider connections.

Roy’s message stands on it’s own symbolically, as it represents what most Americans see as justice. This is an important message and the possibility exists that Roy is taking a significant risk in his public message urging All Americans to consider the greater damage to our country by standing by and doing nothing.

This message is also a dire warning, in that as many also believe, we are close to some catastrophic event that may signal the end of our Republic form of government. There are many corresponding sources of information that corroborate this opinion of imminent danger.

The posting of this video represents due diligence as a reporter and is meant to inform the public of it’s existence. As an Internet News Service, takes a neutral opinion in terms of our objective of reporting on current events – although our personal opinion(s) may or may not be in agreement with this video message.We stand by our First Amendment Right to publish this Open Source Video and present it to the public unedited for their informational purposes.



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