# Gaza Under Attack

I am living in a world whose concepts are no longer clear to me. A world where the criminal walks free and the victim is called a terrorist. A world where killing a five-year-old kid is permissible. A world that has left me baffled about what is right and what is wrong. I have always thought that we could figure out who the terrorist was simply by looking at who died on whose side. I was wrong. Israel has the ability to kill Palestinians at night and call them terrorists the next morning.


#GazaUnderAttack – Children inspect the body of Palestinian girl Tasneem Al-Nahal inside the mosque during the funeral for her and her uncle, Ahmed Al Nahal, after they were killed in an Israeli air strike in the west of Gaza city, Gaza Strip, 18 November 2012.

URGENT : After the Israeli Occupation Forces Attacked the Office of ( Al-Quds TV ) injuring 6 Palestinian News Reporters Last Night , We Journalists working in …

( Jawharah Building and Shuruq Building – Center Gaza City ) Got a Warning Call for the IOF of Attacking our Palestinian Media Offices asking us to Evacuate immediately ..
And we International and Palestinian Journalists from different news Agencies , chose not to Evacuate .. We are Staying here, Permanent here, Eternal here .. Till the Last breath Reporting for the sake of Humanity .. For the sake of our Beloved Palestine !

Gaza children, Israel killed them because they are dangerous terrorists,

A: How did Israel dare bomb a family home , full of children , women and elderly?
B: you have the answer Mr A . Let alone all Europe governments along with US …and Australia governments support Israel .
A: For what they support Israel ??
B: For ” self defense ”
A: From whom ?

B: From the Palestinian
A: Really ?? A country has a nuclear weapons , weapons factories, war planes , Weapons of mass destruction and tanks needs supports ! so strange
B: yes , it needs support against terrorism specially in Gaza
A: Aha , Does Gaza have a nuclear weapons ?
B: No
A: Does Gaza have chemist weapons ?
B: No
A: Does Gaza have weapons factories, war planes, tanks , Sophisticated weapons ?
B: No
A: Then, Does Israel target militants in Gaza ?
B: Yes
A: have you seen the last photos from Gaza ?
B: No
A: OK , I want to tell you something , Israel killed more than 63 Palestinian most of them are children and women , just an hour ago , Israel bombed a civilian house, 10 of Al Dalou family members were massacred including 5 children , 3 women and the father and mother .the medics pulled them out from under the rubbles.
So as you see there are no militants and you have to wake up and to use your both eyes to see things around , dont be an idiot believe every thing in media controlled by Israel in all over the world .
B: sigh
A: here you are a photo just taken minutes ago speaks loudly and shows up the truth of killing children and innocents , those kids are from Al Dalou family 😦
B: I am out of words 😦


What i am seeing right now on our local TV’s is Unbelievable 4 little kids from Al-Dalow Family totally burned , This is in the Latest Israeli Attack This is Th…

e Massacre of Dalow Family !
Either me or my Partners at the Office could stop our tears .. Where is Humanity ?! The Kids of Palestine are Screaming For Help ! HELP !
This photo shows 2 of the Dalow Family Children ..

What Is The Fault Of These Innocent Palestinian Kids? ;(
Answer – They were Palestinian Muslims who are neglected by World !






using white phosphorus by Israel during thier operation at GAZA

“This is what nuclear weaponry does to children.

This is a 4 year old child in the Gaza strip whose body has been ripped apart from white phosphorus
(banned un…der International Law) used by Israel during Operation Cast Lead Dec 2008/Jan 2009 and still yet to this day the world governments have NOT made sure it never happens again!!”

Gaza Under attack! & Global protests against Israeli occupations

South Korea,

Glasgow, Scotland,


Darkness falls in Los Angeles on huge rally for #Palestine #Gaza

Cork (Ireland), this evening. Protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza

#Milano #Italy in solidarity with #Palestine #Gaza

Protest against Israel in Canada,

Libyan protesters hold up signs as they demonstrate against Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, at Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli November 16, 2012. The sign reads, “We sacrifice for the first Qiblah (jerusalem).”

Protesting for Gaza on the US-Mexican border! Right on!‎
# GazaUnderAttack – Protest in Birmingham – UK,
By David MitchellPrincess Street, Edinburgh, Scotland stands with you GAZA
U.S., BOSTON: Protest against israel for bombing Gaza,



208 Palestinians were murdered last night after 77 Israeli air strikes, but the main stream media is reporting the death of the 3 Israeli. It’s like a 208 Palestinians are nothing. What king of……..world we live in ?!

A picture taken from the southern Israeli town of Sderot shows smoke billowing from a spot targeted by an Israeli air strike inside the Gaza strip on November 15, 2012.

We fell the pain 😦 The father of Palestinian baby girl Hanen Tafish, whowas killed in an Israeli air strike, carries her body as he sits in a car during her funeral in the northern Gaza Strip November 16, 2012 😦

IN Gaza : We Palestinians Wake up every morning to teach
the rest of the world life, sir

Israel is not the settlement of holocaust survivors… it’s an apartheid settlement to make holocaust of the Palestinians….

 Stop Violence in Gaza ….
Stop killing children and old age people ….
Pakistan Government should help thm…..

Media portrays Palestinians as terrorists and portrays Israel as victims , this is not the truth as all , they are big liar !!

Save The Children from being Traumatize for Life OR murdered in cold blood by the Zionist, BLOOD Libel ZioNazis.

Must stop Bombing Over homes civilians in Gaza
Must stop the killing of children and civilians…

Muslims pray on the ground during a Pro-Palestinian protest against Israel across the street from the Israeli consulate in New York November 16, 2012.

Gaza Now ..
4:17 AM .. Saturday , November 17, 2012


Genocide in Palestine made by Israel

This is Farah. She is 3 years old. Her tiny body was burned by white phosphorus during Operation Cast Lead three years ago. Farah survived miraculously after treatment in Egypt. Unfortunately, her mother did not make it. She died due to infections of her wounds 3 months after the massacre.

Dead Babies & The Death
Of The American Dream
By Kevin Barrett

“Dead babies can take care of themselves. Dead babies can’t take things off the shelves.” — Alice Cooper, “Dead Babies”

For two weeks now I have been spending a lot of time watching dead babies on television.

Dead children, too. And dead women. And dead old men. And dead young men.

And bleeding, maimed, mutilated, screaming people of all ages and both sexes.

Disfigured women lying in pools of blood. Children with part of their faces missing. Crowds of horrified people gathered around, trying to help.

Naturally this has made me angry, and sad. Sometimes I have to turn off the television to pray and meditate to regain my emotional equilibrium.
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Israel is a war Criminal

21-year old Emily Henochowicz was hit in the face with a tear gas projectile fired directly at her by an israeli trooper during the demonstration at Qalandiya checkpoint. israeli Ministry of Defense rejects any demand for compensation or payment of hospital costs.

Occupation Forces arrested the Two Brothers Muhammed & Mahmoud Taha ( 14 Years & 13 Years ) , from the Old Town , Center of Hebron , at a Checkpoint Abu Rish , near Cave of the Patriarchs , this Evening !!

We have many reasons why we call IsraHell is a TERORIST.


For the Zionist state all Palestinian children are potential “terrorists”

Dear Isra”HELL”,

The big lie is the existance of a land called israel 🙂 so admit it there’s no israel,the history ,the humanity and the whole world know this reality: PALESTINE is here ,it’s our land and it’s a Part of our Islamic Khilafat it will return to us and we will destroy you as soon as possible.we respect all religions but not zionism and of course not your israel,The Muslim faith is very correct,we never attack first. We don’t attack ordinary people, no matter if they are Jew or Communists. Our religion forbids it. We only strike when somebody strikes us and our faith. The we fight to the end. Whether we win or not,whether we are armed or defenceless,even if they kill us all. It doesn’t matter what happens, because we know one thing; Allah says in the Quran that each Muslim must fight against the armies of unfaithful. No matter who they are;Russians, Europeans or Americans.Wherever have been attacked first that is what really counts and we “MUSLIMS” are so humans but which steals our land has to pay.

If Every Muslim to throw a bucket of water at the Israeli entity, it would sink.


Occupation Arrests Palestinian Minors in the West Bank Governarates

On Tuesday 28th August, “Israeli” occupation forces raided Beit Ummar village in Hebron (West Bank), and arrested the 14 years old Muhannad Murshed Awad.

It’s worth mentioning that Muhannad was first arrested in May 2012 for one month, and was subjected to SEVERE BEATINGS during interrogation and then released in June.

“Israeli” occupation forces forced Muhannad’s family members to go out of the house before arresting the boy.

“Israeli” forces also arrested 17 years old Mohammad Hassan Mahmoud al-Tet from the same village; raising the number of Palestinians who were arrested from Beit Ummar to FOURTEEN 14 since the beginning of August, including EIGHT minors.

“Israeli” army forces accompanied by “Israeli” special units (Arabists) also broke into Bethlehem city and arrested Hamdi and Muntaser al-Atrash (21, 19 respectively) from Daheisha refugee camp.

Human Rights?… Seriously???

Children Protection?!

Where is the U.N.?

When you see a Palestinian throwing a stone, then he’s/she’s a TERRORIST… The news of the day!

But such upper news is not shown on TV…

Or maybe you’ll see it in the small red line on TV which moves so fast for your lazy comforted eyes to follow and READ!

You may catch “Palestinian”… and “Arrested”…

Some may think that they got it all right…

You know…. “Palestinian”… “Arrested”…

Then a Palestinian terrorist got arrested for doing something wrong against innocent settlers or democratic “Israel”…

We are living in a world …

That much pain… makes you laugh…

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The Only #APARTHEID in the WORLD !!!

VIDEO | Please Watch & Share widely: On the receiving end of Israeli ‘impunity’
Looking back at other victims who, like Rachel Corrie, came under Israeli attack and then were deprived of justice.

The situation of kids in Palestine…

I am Palestiniann kid and i promised my friends to play with them next day!!
I was dreaming of a ball an a doll to play with!!
I was waiting to kiss my mother and father in the morning!!
I was laughing and enjoying my dream!!
Suddenly it was interrupted by a bomb sound!! Why can’t i move!!
Where is my family!! Where are my lovely brothers and sister!! I’m crying are they hearing my cry!! Mother!! Father!! Where are they?!!
Why are they not responding!!
who are those??!! why are they holding me up like this?!
Where am I going!! Leave me i want to continue my dream!!
I want to play again!! Why i can’t move!!
What’s the matter!! Just now I realized that i’m not alive :((
Now I’m a martyr!! My dreams were vanished !!
This is what Israel did to me !! Was i carrying weapons !! I was just dreaming :((
Is my dream a crime??
I’m a victim of zionism…