U.S Election

What happens when a Zionist runs against a Zionist for president? There will be a zionist corporations warmonger president ruling the US, again .
These presidential elections are but a farce for gullible people . The two candidates had probably agreed on distributing roles whereby the Republican candidate will adopt the most radical agenda of waging war etc.. and spending on war rather than citizen’s welfare which is no more in the capacity of the US to do, while the other ie : Obama will look as the peaceful dove that he is not because he is a criminal himself -killing daily innocent children by his drones -even if he will not star a war on Iran as he says.                                                It is not that Romney wants to start a war on Iran either , because no one can start a war on Iran but this his is all a drama , a play produced and performed by the two candidates just to fool US citizens that they have voted and hold them responsible therefore for whatever happens.